About Zager TV

We offer a 1-Year Service Warranty!

While DISH Network warrants their equipment for one year, technical support is left up to the retailer.

Zager TV Reception Technologies is the only retailer in the area offering a full 1-year service warranty at no additional charge.

Ask yourself: Who would you rather have mounting equipment to your house?

  • A local retailer whom you can hold accountable?
  • Or…the out-of-state DISH Network Service Corporation installer who is shielded from you by the DISH Network call center?

Of course, Zager can also support you with regard to local stations better than anyone because that’s what our business has been about for the last 5 decades. No one knows local antenna solutions like Zager TV Reception Technologies!

garry zager and dish

Garry and Judy Zager, founders of TVRT, and Charlie and Candy Ergen, founders of DISH Network.

Complete TV: Dish + Antenna

When you choose Zager TV Reception Technologies, you’ll get a complete TV reception system from one company. We offer satellite reception as well as local channels via our proprietary antenna technology! Our antenna was developed specifically by Zager for the Lincoln area. Get a complete TV system installed right with Zager.

Save Money

Other dealers only warranty the equipment. With Zager, any technical adjustments are included under warranty at no additional charge for one year.

Installed Right The First Time

When you choose Zager, you’ll get over 60 years of combined experience. We’ve been serving Lincoln families and businesses since the early 1960’s. Wouldn’t you rather do business with the local guys?

DISH Network by Zager TV Reception Technologies

When you choose Zager, you’re doing business with the premier DISH Network dealer in Lincoln! To subscribe to DISH Network, go to our contact us page, or call Zager at (402)464-6995.

Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions. The closer you look, the better we look!

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