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Yes! Since March 31st, 2004, DISH Network has offered digital local channels for the Lincoln area. This now includes ABC (KLKN) HD, CBS (KOLN) HD, NBC (KHAS) HD, Fox (KTVG) HD and PBS (KUON). Omaha channels can be seamlessly interfaced into your DISH Network guide by using our antenna technology and DISH VIP series receivers. We can help you with this as it has been the primary focus of our business since 1963. Click here to learn more about Zager’s antenna technology.
DISH Network is already digital so you will not be affected.
Our antennas are all digital compatible.
Yes, but it does not occur with the frequency they would have you believe. Outage is approximately 3 to 20 minutes for the duration of time it takes for severe storms to move through, and only when the center of the storm is between you and the statellite. This occurs less than 1/10th of 1% of the time which is usually less than average cable outages resulting from storm power failures.
First of all, we don’t make money selling hardware. The money is in programming. DISH Network compensates us for bringing them a new subscriber. The cost of the satellite dish system is being subsidized by DISH Network. They actually LOSE MONEY on the hardware in the short term in order to gain a new customer. DISH Network is betting that you’ll love the service so much that you’ll remain a customer for a long time.
You will need a clear line of sight to the southern sky. The satellite dish faces south and is aimed up approximately 45 degrees. South-facing balconies usually work fine. Be sure there are no large trees in the way. If you have roof access you will have no problem. We will also need written permission from the landlord before we can do the installation.

We suggest that you wire your new home with home-run cabling (RG-6) from each potential TV location to a central location, usually in your utility room, as you would for cable TV. We also suggest that from the main locations (living room, family room & master bedroom) that you run two RG-6 cables; and for a home theater location, run four RG-6 cables. We then recommend running four RG-6 cables from that same central location to a point on your house where you plan to put your dish. This location must have an unobstructed view of the Southwestern sky (195°-220° azimuth) at about 43° elevation, specifically 110°, 119° and 129° orbital locations.

We also suggest that you run at least one RG-6 cable from the highest point in your attic for your local high definition antenna. Digital local channels are included on DISH Network, but does not include the Omaha channels.

Finally, some people want to distribute VCR, DVD, closed circuit cameras, or some other video source to all TVs in their home. RG-6 cables should also be wired from those locations to the central location.

Our satellite dish antenna sizes all comply with the satellite Consumer Bill of Rights, a regulation released by the FCC on August 6, 1996. This regulation PREEMPTS zoning ordinances and Homeowner Association covenants and restrictions on DBS dish antennas. This rule was required by Congress in the 1996 Telecommunications Act. So you have the right to install your satellite system. Congress is on your side in this matter. For more information, please contact: Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association (SBCA) Ph: 703-549-6990 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Ph: 202-418-0163
We think so! DISH Network is a digital picture with CD quality sound. Dish Network includes the core HD add-on package in all of the “America’s Top” and “America’s Everything” packages for no additional charge — for the life of your account — if you meet certain requirements. You may also subscribe to the Blockbuster Movie Pass add-on package to get over 20 great entertainment channels and stream thousands of movies to your TV or PC for an additional $10/mo.
DISH Network now offers up to six tuners (six separate programs) so that you can watch something different on up to six different televisions, which adds only a small monthly fee to your programming bill for the second and third dual tuners. Equipment is FREE for the first six basic tuners. Technology now allows for TV hook-up on any number of televisions with separate programming at additional cost. The possibilities are unlimited. Talk to us about what works best for your needs. It is a very rare situation where we can’t give you more channels at significantly lower cost over your local cable company.
DTV is the new way of transmitting television signals. With this type of transmission stations can choose to broadcast one HDTV program or multiple SDTV (Standard Definition Television) programs.
High Definition TV (HDTV) uses certain standards to separate it from Standard Definition (SDTV) when it comes to Digital TV (DTV) broadcasts. SDTV can be in a 4:3 aspect ratio (square TV sets) or 16:9 (movie screen or rectangle) aspect ratio. HDTV also uses a resolution of either 720P, 1080I, or 1080P. All true HDTV is broadcast in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Channel mapping allows for the broadcasting stations to trick the receiver or TV to move a channel. For example, right now channel 6 DTV is on UHF channel 22. So when you scan or try to add this to your system you need to add channel 22. Once the system accepts channel 22 there is information embedded in the signal to tell the system that it is channel 6, and should be shown in the guide as channel 6-01. If at any time you can’t find channel 6-01, try to add or look for channel 22.

Please remember that every TV or digital tuner box may display the channel differently (e.g., 6.1, 6-1, and 6-01 all mean the same thing).

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