Thank you. Nice to have our local channel 8 & 10. — Kim

Great TV reception – Thank you!— Walter

Marvonne, Thanks for your help. I appreciate your knowledge. Have a Happy Holiday!— Martha

Garry, great antenna, great installation!! Thanks — Ted

Your guys did an awesome job! We are so happy we called Zager and will do so again in the future. Thanks — W & J Durst.

The reception from the antenna is excellent. Sean was polite, friendly, and professional. He work quickly, left no mess, and showed me how to set up the tv and gave me some tips for the TIVO system we use. All of which worked well.

We are very pleased with the whole process, from start to finish, including communications with your staff and Gary.

Have a great day!! Mark

I indicated that I thought the online and phone “technicians” that tried to solve my problems needed more training and that I would be glad to provide the name of the local company here in Lincoln that could provide this training. I want to thank you for your help both with fixing my problem and for listening to my complaining about the online experience. Thanks to you guys, I am loving my Dish service. Not only are your technicians great, but your office people are helpful and very pleasant. — Cindy

A note to say thanks for the genuine kindness and consideration from my original call to the installation. Paige was very pleasant on the phone and got my questions answered. I could tell that she liked people and enjoyed her job. Shawn and Levi gave me a sense of trust and respect – very friendly and took time to explain things – nice guys.

As a former business owner, my intent was to treat customers as you have treated me. If you were my employees, I would be very proud.

Thanks for practicing business ethics that aren’t too common any more. — Tom T.

I am so pleased with the service installation of my new antenna. Shawn and Levi came over and explained what they were going to do and did a great job with the installation. They were so professional and addressed all my questions. Thanks to them, I am enjoying some of the new fall shows. — Larry K

Just thought I’d follow up on the installation of the 722k and Sling. Sean installed Thursday morn. Graciously helped me register and showed this old fart how it worked. It worked very well on the desktop at home, and the office computer, both new within the last year. However, from Thursday til Sunday night could not get it to work on any of three different laptops. When I went to we could select the new receiver with Sling, but could NOT get a guide that would show the programming (guide would appear but nothing in the boxes).

Spent 4 hours on the dish “Contact Us” typing back and forth with three different dish techs. Ran out of power on laptop, and had to restart all over again. Finally a tech asked which version of browser we had, seemed to suggest that we needed internet explorer 9 or a late version of firefox.

We downloaded internet explorer 9, (free by the way) after having to update a series of updates from Microsoft and now it works, the laptops I was trying to use were all more than 30 months old and finally determined that none of them had explorer 9.

So… my experience would indicate that the internet browser needs to be updated to explorer 9 (or firefox recent version) before you even try to use the Sling on a laptop. My whole process, including waiting for the Microsoft updates to download took almost 10 hours, hopefully I can save someone some time. Dish should include this requirement on the websites that advertise the Sling.

Ultimately Was surprised that it took the dish techs so long to suggest explorer 9. And when I asked how I could determine which version the laptop had,(I’m certainly no geek but not totally inexperienced either) I did not get an answer which makes me wonder just who the hell is on the other end. But it now works, I think like it’s supposed to, and hope this helps the next purchaser.

I haven’t tried to access from smart phone yet, might need a whole weekend to figure that out.

Sean did also install a device that plugs into the wall socket and fed it through the modem/router (or vice versa?) to give me internet access in the next room for the Sling. The phone company tried to tell me that I needed a dedicated internet line and a separate modem for another $40 a month, but so far the device, which I think uses the electrical wiring of the house seems to work well so far. Not sure what it’s called but cost an extra $59, one time charge. Other option was a wireless receiver to attach to back of dish receiver for $20 less, but didn’t try that. —anonymous

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. The Information was valuable and it worked so we could have TV again. It was very appreciated. Thanks J.H.

Dear Garry L. Zager,

In an ongoing effort to provide support and service to our retailers and consumers DISH Network L.L.C., formerly known as EchoStar Satellite L.L.C. (“DISH”) makes random telephone calls to our retailers in order to monitor the quality of information provided to consumers.

Over the past 90 days you were contacted several times regarding new and existing promotions. We are please to report that on each occasion your representative provided accurate and appropriate information.

We appreciate your support and recognize the service you provide. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this letter please contact us.

Retail Services
Dish Network L.L.C.

Thank you for correcting my problem so quickly……Diana

Shawn did a “super” job!! Hey, Garry with 2 r’s, give this man a raise! He’s Good! Thanks…..Garry T.

Mr Zager, Thank you so much for coming out and checking our property for DISH, also would like to say Shawn did a great Job!! Also the lady on the phone was very helpful to us on a problem I caused myself and she got me through the problems. Thanks again. Ron P.S. you have great employee’s.

Gary, Marvon & everybody. Many thanks for all your extra efforts to make my antenna and receivers look “GREAT!” Freddie

Thank you for a great job done. Mark

Just a small token of my appreciation for the antenna. You can’t imagine the joy I feel getting up in the morning and watching the “news” and weather. Thank you so very much. God Bless U, Valerie

Gary, Shawn is an excellent employee for you. I just want to tell you what a great job he did. Shawn is very knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, etc. and does an installation as if it was for his own home. He looks for the best way to set the environment up and then does it quickly but yet makes the customer feel that he has time to answer all relevant questions. Enjoy. I hope you can keep Shawn for many years. Stu & Diana

Thank you. Works good, clean job. John

Your guys did a great job of installation, everything looks good and is working perfectly – we got our Sky Angel programming approximately 24 hours after the dish was installed and the reception is crystal clear. Thank you. Gloria

Thank you and Shawn for getting to us so quickly, we appreciate your service. Have a great year. Jerry & Caroline

To whom it may concern, My wife and I would like to thank the two young men for all their help in getting our TV picture adjusted They were real helpful. Thanks again. D Boone

Thanks, working better than we have ever had it. Jim              (scroll ↑ to top)

Looks Great! We are happy with the set up you did for us. George & Ruby

Thank you for the good service. It’s a pleasure to work with a company such as yours Thank you Larry

I have been a cable subscriber for 25 years. I recently moved and I requested a reconnect. An appointment was set, arrangements were made with the dispatcher that the installer was to call my wife at work when they were on their way so she would not have to take off work and wait all afternoon for them. Their window was 1:00 to 6:00. She went to lunch finally at 3:30 only to find a hanger on the door knob saying sorry we missed you, please call and schedule a new appointment. She called at 3:30 to see if dispatch could contact the installer to see if they could still make it out that day. The dispatcher told her sorry they were at another job. She asked when she could reschedule. They told her it would be 8 days later. Upset she called me at work, I called the cable co. and asked them if there was any way they could make it out before Friday because I had a bunch of friends coming in from out of town to watch the Nebraska Baseball game. She said “sorry”. I told her to look at her records so she could see I have been a cable customer for 25 years and I am asking them to do me just this one favor. She said again “Sorry we don’t have any appointments available for 8 days. I said back to her “So your just going to leave me hanging in the wind?” She informed me once again the next appointment available was 8 days later. I said to her maybe I should call the satellite people and she said “You have that right, Do you want the appointment?” I hung up. The very next day I called you. You told me if I came down and filled out the paper work you would try to fit me in. So I jumped in the car and came to you. After that I went to the cable company and turned in my digital cable box. By the 9th I had a dish and 2 remotes. On Friday my friends and I enjoyed a great Husker Baseball victory. So I just want to thank you and your staff for stepping up to the plate and KNOCKING ONE OUT OF THE PARK FOR A HOME RUN!!!!! Matthew

Gary & Shawn! Thank you so much for your customer service and professional installation. You guys are great at what you do. Thanks again, Bob

Gary, Marvonne, Sean and Levi. Thank you all for all of your time and work on my antenna. The reception is great and no more pixilation. I will speak highly of you to all. Lynn

Garry, I wanted to thank you and your employees for all the support you gave me when buying antennas from you. Every time I was in to pick up and exchange products, you and your employees were willing to let me know exactly what I needed to do to get the best reception I could. You made sure I had every piece of hardware I needed. Too many business owners today won’t do that hoping to make more money from the installation. So I wanted to write and thank you for your outstanding service to your customers! I will pass the word along to anyone I know who is looking for any of the products or services you offer. Plese pass along my thanks to the rest of your employees as well. Sincerely, Eric

Just a note to thank you! Shawn and TJ did a fine job in installation and presentation. I fear I couldn’t keep my mind in proper gear to absorb all – due to excitement no doubt. Darrell & Penny

Gary, It’s too bad you folks aren’t in a business where we would have more frequent use of your services. You and all your workers are a great example of professionalism! It’s easy to see why you head up a growing business in this town. You are a top notch outfit!!! Thank you, we are enjoying our new system. I said we’re enjoying it, I didn’t say we completely have it figured out!!! Ha, if all else fails we can read the directions. Thanks Gary & all, Karen

Shawn, Marvon and all at Zager. Thank you for getting me hooked up so fast with my DISH receiver and the new HD channels. Your work is much appreciated. Thanks Bob

Zager – for your work in Bennet, I was pleased with your work, with my reception and the overall professionalism of your company. Thanks Steve

Thanks for your Help. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for helping my patient and his family with his TV. Nascar was on and he was determined to watch it one last time. Many thanks, Helen

Dear Gerry! We are both 80 years old and forget sometime how to do things. You took time and came Saturday and helpt fix our problem TV – video. I can tell you it is such a wonderful feeling getting help and it feels so good when someone takes time to help an older person. And you took the time helping us, we appreciate your help. Thankful Henry & Lore

Thank you Mr Zager it’s a joy to have the TV’s working so good. Dorothy

Gary: Thanks to you and your crew for the outstanding effort put forth while installing People City Missions new antenna package. We at PCM pray for continued blessings upon you and your employees throughout the New Year. Gene

Gary, Thanks for all your hard work, we are enjoying the new TV and the great picture quality!! Thanks again. Connie

Dear Gary, Thank you so much for taking the extra time you did to explain how to use our satellite and remote. Although it seemed complicated, we found it’s not as we thought, thanks to you. We appreciated your patience with our techno-illiteracy! Sincerely, Bob & Joyce

Dear Gary, We’re delighted with our “new” TV service! Sincerely, Bob

Thanks for coming out promptly and cleaning up the mess with the antenna. It’s working great!! Darwin

Garry, Thank you again for coming to our rescue this weekend. You went above and beyond to make sure our patients and their families could watch the game. Your dedication to great customer service is very appreciated. Bob @ Bryan LGH

Great Job – the guys did a wonderful job. I’m very pleased with how they handled themselves and the work they did. Sharon